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I often wonder if I could still pull off androgyny/manliness with long hair. Could I still be Reggie, or would it like turn me into a permanent rachael D: Uhg. I’ve been having a lot of mild dysphoria recently. I need to get used to it or get over it.

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things i learned in ancient greek art today:

  • Achilles had a gay lover 
  • Zeus had a boy toy that he thought was pretty so he snatched him up and made him into his wine bitch and kept him under his throne on olympus always
  • there was a woman who wanted to be a man so Poseidon changed her sex and then made him impervious to metal weapons to boot
  • They made Aphrodite marry a lame and ugly guy and to retaliate she slept with everyone, but mostly Ares.

sounds like high school

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my mom is trying to pick a colour for her new wheelchair and me and my dad are telling her to get black and she’s just like “but how will I know if someone is stealing it” and my dad is just like “because you’ll be sitting on the floor” and she slapped him

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